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Find a Professional trainer and order Scrum training based on ScrumTale simulation or dedicated ScrumTale workshop to achieve your individual goals.

Lech Wypychowski

Gdańsk, Poland

Delivery Consultant, Buildit@wipro digital. Lech is an experienced PM with Agile mindset. He has a solid technical experience in software engineering that he gained working at large software projects as a validation engineer, programmer, scrum master, delivery consultant and Program Manager.

Przemysław Witka

Gdynia, Poland

Agile Coach, fascinated by self-organization and human systems. Agile trainer and author of the

Andre Barcaui

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Postdoctoral in Administration with FEA/USP, PhD in the Administration with UNR and with a Masters Degree in Management Systems at UFF (Brazil). Also holds a Master Coach Certificate by the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI). Bachelor Degrees both in Psychology as well as on Information Technology. Worked as the Project Office Manager of Hewlett-Packard Consulting for the Latin America Region and before that worked for IBM as a Project and Services Manager. Adjunct Professor of the Management at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).Project Management and Information Technology MBA Coordinator for FGV (Brazil). PMP, ScrumMaster and SAFe Agilist Certified.

Christoph Meyer

Zurich, Switzerland

Christoph Meier is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Scrum Master and Product Owner, Teacher, Player, Improviser and Training Designer. He likes to call himself an Agile Coach, as he uses more coaching than recipe approaches to challenge teams and individuals. Originally a biologist and musician he became a software developer and over the years stepped up into dealing with groups and humans rather than technology.

Ewa Koprowska


I am a consultant at Code Sprinters, working in the IT industry for 20 years. During my career, I’ve worked as an actuarial developer, analyst, project manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach and other, so I look at the organizations and teams from a broader perspective. I was one of the top managers in the Everest project at PZU, thanks to which I became recognizable expert in agile transformation and scaling in Poland.

Dominik Jabłoński


Agile Consultant (currently more than 7 years in the IT alone) with a robust and diverse experience ranging from sales, through customer service, to QA and scrum masters. He gained experience in small software houses as well as in HR and banking corporations. Apart from his fascination with Agile methodologies and how they change our work and life, he is an avid board game geek.

John Gillespie

New York, USA

John is focused on helping organizations better understand how to measure success in terms of value and outcomes instead of output and progress. He is a technology and transformation executive with significant experience in data centers, solutions architecture, and continuous delivery. This includes mobile application development and product management in financial institutions. For the past 10 years, he has guided organizations in the adoption of Lean/Agile practices, and he has been integral in leading enterprise-wide transformations.
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