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ScrumTale simulation game

After many years of our professional experience with supporting Agile teams and over two years of experimentation, we are giving you ScrumTale - unique Scrum simulation game that is build upon experiential learning principles and empirical approach.

ScrumTale is used by Fortune 500 companies as well as family owned businesses and start-ups. Admired by international consultancy firms, Professional Scrum Trainers, individual consultants and internal Scrum Masters all over the world: from Poland through Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Georgia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Ireland, UK all the way to USA and Brazil. See why by yourself and write your new chapter with us!

Amplify learning

Traditional training methods like: classroom learning, lectures, e-learning, etc. disengage people from the learning process. This approach will not make the impact needed to influence how people in your organisation act. Recent brain studies prove that people acquire knowledge and learn new skills better when they encounter a new experience, reflect upon it and generate their own ideas for implementing the concepts in a real-life setting.

ScrumTale is leveraging experiential learning principles to teach the Scrum framework and Agile principles. This game is a perfect aid to practice all the elements of the Scrum framework: roles, events and artifacts. The players simulate Scrum teams writing a crime story simultaneously using Google Docs. Collaborative story writing is very similar to software production: you need to be creative and act as a team to deliver a product. You will also experience challenges with integration, quality and tools that are present during software development without the need of having a technical background. You can experience the mechanics of the Scrum during the stormy process of story writing.



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ScrumTale in action

Take a look at one of our workshops and listen the game authors and some of our customers sharing their experiences with SctumTale


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This is what makes ScrumTale unlike any other simulation game

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ScrumTale game box includes all the necessary elements to run the workshop up to 17 people - two scrum teams simultaneously!

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Wroclaw, Poland

ScrumTale community event at PGS Software

By invitation from Wroclaw Agile community, we will be organising a FREE afternoon ScrumTale workshop from 5PM to 9PM. Register HERE.

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Listen to what our clients say

  • Brad Arnst
    ScrumTale is an awsome game to realy quickly start to understand how Scrum works and its benefits.
    Brad Arnst
    Disruptor, Buildit@wiprodigital
  • Certified Scrum Master
    Best Scrum game that I have an ability to play: Fun, Real, Engageing. Highly Recomended.
    Certified Scrum Master
  • James Reeve
    A brilliant way to bring Scrum concepts and values to life.
    James Reeve
    Agile Coach, Designit
  • Magdalena Ciesielska, PhD
    Great workshops! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to work at Scrum and share knowledge!!
    Magdalena Ciesielska, PhD
  • Staszek Matczak
    Most of the Scrum workshops focuses on showing Scrum events – we build Lego city, we have 3 minutes for planning, 7 minutes for sprint, 3 minutes for review and so on. ScrumTale is different. ScrumTale is focused on showing Scrum as the framework for creating innovative products by whole team. The team has the unique opportunity to improve cooperation skills, communication mechanism and integration. Learning and final product of the workshop are amazing!
    Staszek Matczak
  • Mariusz Opaliński
    Of the games that simulate SCRUM, this one is unique. Writing a book together is almost like writing code. We can get to know and practice multiple aspects of team work organized by SCRUM. The game is a perfect complement to a training for those who start their adventure with Agile and SCRUM as well as for those who are already experienced and wanting to reach a higher level, practice scalability challenges, difficult customer relation or teach a new team how to work more efficiently.
    Mariusz Opaliński
    Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Asseco Data Systems

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