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Next Event: 27th of June, 17:00-18:00 CET


During this online session, you will learn all about ScrumTale. Goal of this workshop is to explain how our simulation game improves learning experience.

  • Introduction to ScrumTale simulation game
  • Overview of Box and Online Editions
  • Tips&Tricks for running a Scrum workshop with ScrumTale
  • Capabilities and Use Cases
  • Q&A
Who should attend
  • Trainers who want to facilitate a Scrum workshop.
  • Anyone who are wondering whether to use ScrumTale in your workshops.



Lech Wypychowski

Agile Consultant

Program Manager at Nike, co-author of ScrumTale simulation game and co-founder of AgileBrains – consultancy agency which supports IT companies in their Agile transformation.

Przemysław Witka

Agile Coach

Agile Coach, fascinated by self-organization and human systems. Agile trainer and author of the
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