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Professional ScrumTale Trainer Workshop

ScrumTale is one of the best Scrum simulations for Agile trainers. Make your Scrum training powerful by using empirical learning. Unleash the potential of the group and let them work in Scrum during the training.

If you are a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer or product guy, you can use ScrumTale as a part of your Scrum training, team kick-off or to introduce Agile principles for other roles in your organization. If you offer commercial training, you can join our community of professional trainers. We are contacting our customers with trainers around the world.


During this one day training, you will get the chance to play ScrumTale simulation game and learn facilitation techniques from the game authors.

  • Learn facilitation tips&tricks from game authors.
  • Evaluate the game, before investment in a commercial license.
  • Improve your training with ScrumTale. Better, more engaging, more fun and more powerful workshops.
  • Stand out, by offering very experiential training and earn more money.
Who should attend
  • Consultants and commercial trainers.
  • Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches.
  • Product Owners & Product Managers.
  • HR representatives to learn a new tool to support organisational transformation and team scaling.
What's included
  • Workshop materials (except for laptops) will be provided.
  • Catering (coffee, lunch, soft drinks).
  • ScrumTale Box (non-commercial license).
  • Printed certificate.
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